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We are an independent ICT Consultancy working in a broad range of industries and specialising in education and construction.



We help schools to understand e-learning. Our core aim is to see student results improved through the carefully planned use of ICT.

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We offer a wide range of services to the design and construction industry, with specialisms in the design, specification and integration of IP based technologies within build and refurbishment programs.

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Case Studies

View examples of our work and see how we’ve helped other schools, businesses and construction companies.

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Why work with Nexus Associates?

Experienced in education

Our consultants have developed expertise at every level throughout the education system, and have extensive knowledge of the technology-related issues faced by our teachers and school leaders.

We have contributed to more than 160 capital build projects, advising and supporting our client base consisting of educational establishments, local authorities, construction companies, civil engineers, architects and ICT solution providers.

This range of engagements ensures we understand the programme elements from every perspective.

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The right people, processes and technology

We take a holistic view of e-learning and the processes required to make it effective.

The main areas of successful ICT integration “people, processes and technology” are considered throughout and their various requirements explored in a manner that is personal to the educational organisation.

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Support and commitment to the success of your project

We have a reputation for innovative solutions within education and for offering our clients a long-term commitment to success.

We can offer ongoing support in relation to the CPD and Change Management processes required to ensure the full benefit of the investment in ICT is recognised and the best outcome for learners achieved.

We rely heavily on our reputation of ensuring success for our clients and approach every project with commitment and passion.

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