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Through an acute ICT design and project management process Nexus are able to reduce risk to cost, design and construction work streams, project outcome and client satisfaction.
Through the use of efficient modern technologies Nexus are able to advise on solutions that reduce heat emissions and hence save on cooling requirements. The effective integration of technology solutions eliminates costly errors.
Nexus Associates are experienced in rapidly alignment of ICT requirements with Milestones such as RIBA Stages. We understand the requirements at every stage for the Architects, M&E, ICT, Contractor and Furniture Consultants; hence we are able to respond swiftly to these varied needs.
We project Manage supplier ICT implementations using Prince 2 & ITTL methodologies
Nexus Associates provide industry standards for the integration of packages such as Access Control, CCTV, Proximity Card, Cashless Vending etc and ensure that these and other technologies integrate seamlessly.
We design network solutions, produce specifications and develop the tender documentation required to go to the market place. Among others we have experience in purchasing through OJU, Catalyst and Becta Frameworks.
Nexus translate client requirements into technology solutions, by gaining a clear understanding of what a client wants to achieve. Working with the client to clearly define the requirements and designing and proposing appropriate solutions.
Reduce building management costs, reduce cost of building fit-out, reduce time, ensure best value procurement, integration of technologies within build: HVAC, containment, specifications, FF&E/technology coexistence, design input, programme management for all technologies.
Full documentation of client requirements, and translation into technical specifications and building requirements.
Reduction of Risks
Cost Saving
Project Alignment
Project Management
Package Integration
Client Requirement Definition
Maximise Value to Project
Client Centred

Welcome to Nexus Associates

Nexus Associates is an Independent ICT (Information Communication Technology) consultancy.

The consultancy provides a broad range of services to ensure the successful delivery of Technology within construction and refurbishment projects.

These include functional and technical specifications; ICT building impact, procurement and full definition and management of project delivery. In additional 'snapshot' services such as audits, strategy and appraisal are undertaken.

Throughout, our philosophy is to reduce risk, maximise value to the project, and fully integrate technologies into the build, while ensuring the solutions reflect the client's specific requirements.

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