All Consultants at Nexus Associates have an education background, either on the front line as teachers or in the background as technical staff. We know schools inside out, and understand the unique ways in which schools use ICT and the demands this places on support services, infrastructure, software and hardware.

A Nexus Associates technical audit will: highlight user requirements; baseline the current ICT solution capabilities, strengths and weaknesses; help ratify the current investment; and aid in driving out the overall vision for ICT.


Nexus Associates offer a wide range of services to the design and construction industry. Nexus specialise in the design, specification and integration of IP based technologies within build and refurbishment programs.

Our services range from design of supporting infrastructure to fully converged building systems. If the building demands technology then we have the expertise to integrate this into the build program.

Our services reduce program costs, reduce building management costs, reduce building carbon emissions and power usage, deliver high quality solutions and aid the success of your project.

Our consultant’s specialise in:

  • Data Networks
  • Switching and Wireless
  • IP Based Security
  • Building Management
  • Energy Management – ICT and Smart Building Technologies
  • Audio Visual
  • Entertainment systems
  • Migration from legacy to new buildings

Range of Services

Infrastructure / Systems Design

Tailored network design solutions including; cabling specifications; switching / routing infrastructure, servers, storage, UPS and sizing of equipment

Converged solutions. which includes the integration of all major technologies on to one IP network. Reducing initial infrastructure costs, reducing the cost of Adds Moves and Changes, simplifying building management and reducing technology overheads.

Audio Visual AV

Nexus provide tailored specifications for Audio Visual Systems, requirements for Drama & Lecture Theatres, TV & Internet Radio, Display Systems i.e. Projectors; LCD/Plasmas etc and Portable AV systems. We ensure that designs and specifications allow for adaptation and expansion and interface with each other and or with other IT networked services.


As ICT networks continue to converge there is increasing demand for IPCCTV to provide users with the flexibility to install appropriate cameras in any location where a network point is present. We work to ensure seamless integration with other services such as Access control, storage and retrieval facilities.

Building Management

Nexus work with projects to ensure that where a BMS is proposed all the required inputs – such as temperature sensors – are identified. Services include Plant monitoring, Water temperatures and distribution, ventilation and cooling linked to handheld devices for rapid information feedback updates.

Power Management

Nexus integrate solution, which reduce power use by ensuring services shutdown when areas of the build are not occupied or where systems can be centrally shutdown or time controlled. We offer management of the ICT power usage through a simplified IP based management and monitoring software, allowing clients to better manage the use of ICT related power within the build of campus.

Access Control

Ensure within design specifications that all necessary interfaces between ICT systems and access control systems are included and that bandwidth and services required by the access control solution such as active equipment and storage are considered.

IP Telephony (VoiP)

Work with projects / clients to integrate Voice over IP (Internet Protocol) within network solutions to gain all of the benefits associated with this emerged technology.

Card and Biometric Technologies

Nexus Associates work with a range of card & biometric solutions including proximity card to integrate with other systems such as access control, cashless vending and PC authentication services; print services

Strategic Analysis Capabilities

  • Requirements Definition
  • Feasibility Report and Options Appraisal
  • Site and Current Solution Audits
  • Budget and Cost Modeling
  • Bid Support
  • Client Engagement
  • Design drawings
  • Integrating requirements with M&E design teams
  • Locating and sizing of technical solutions housing
  • Design, layout and sizing of data cable solutions
  • Power and cooling requirements
  • Power Management solutions
  • Design review
  • Provide a projected cost of ownership over the complete system lifecycle
  • Tender and procurement
  • Project Management
  • Implementation monitoring inspections and witness testing